Saturday, July 9, 2016

Woke up in Mexico

With all the stuff that's been going on in America, i have unfortunately been distracted from my creative process which isn't fair to me or to the people who truly enjoy my blog & honestly i personally think that's the state of mind that those in control want me to be in. Instead of doing what's good for my soul & utilizing my talents of expression with people who enjoy my blog i'm living in a state of shock of fear, sadness & confusion.

My trip to Mexico has opened me to another way of life, that is now a craving in my heart to find. I went with my best friend who took a lot of these if not most of these amazing pictures. I felt more beautiful in mexico. i felt more relaxed, more free, less pressure on beauty. i know a lot of people go to mexico to get fucked up but i mean even down to the children in the street hustling, selling, working not just going "oh well i'm poor", people being instilled to go out & find a way to make a living is so admirable to me. This wasn't my first time in Mexico but i think going with my best friend who is so open minded, beautiful & honestly fun as shit has my heart craving similar experiences internationally.

 life is so amazing. i read this quote by Beyoncè that "maybe you're best friends are your soulmate."

 i am so proud of myself that no matter what i am currently going through mentally/emotionally i have the maturity to center myself & look at the bigger picture of life. in my endeavor to rebrand my blog i will work effortlessly to give everyone a voice, to be a voice of people if i have to & to bring things into perspective. in real life i feel like it's my blessing & my duty to share my life, how i live it & who i share it with, with other people to maybe create a more open & truly diverse world full of love for one another...not even on some corny shit but on some you know human shit...

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Booze Cruise

i embarked on a three day cruise with a very special woman on a very special boat.
my trip will be broken down in intervals as to tell the story of my great escape from Los Angeles.

travel is the only thing you pay for that pays you back.  going on this trip has exposed so many genuine souls which made me reconsider a lot relationships at home.
i learned more than anything from this trip, that i don't want to be in relationships that only cater to one side of my being. i want relationships in my life that allow me to explore myself not shrink myself in order to be what makes people comfortable.

i can't wait to share more...

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Punk Cherry Popped

 so my beloved homie andre had a show in L.A....

 my phone had just broke, i had work in the morning. i was just suspect if i should even go..

 i went.
 ...had the time of my life

 it was my first punk show, it helped to be friends with the band.

 such good vibes. an amazing group of people.

    the band.

andre's band @waroficaza is honestly really fucking good. 

it feels good to support really good friends, really good music thus promoting really good vibes.

don't be afraid to support other people chasing their dreams.  from supporting andre i fucked around & re-launched my entire blog & i just thought...i should bring my camera.

You an Artist Now ?

actually no.

Welcome Back. Welcome Back. Welcome Back.

I know...I'm back & I'm better.
Since my hiatus from my blog: I've moved out, changed jobs, been single. in a relationship, & single again, happy, sad, mostly poor, broke my phone twice, began digging deeper into what it means to be Bri & what i found from all of that is that i need to use what i've been given to share with others.

My blog is no longer about my personal style fuck that. My blog is about my real life.
I'm changing, Los Angeles is changing, & my friends teach me so much everyday that i believe are the gems to life.

It was too much pressure to hold up this image of this stylish L.A. party girl, desperately & anally working to compete with women born into more privilege than i am able to maintain on my own right now. The name of my blog is french for "Life with Leigh" & it's time to show you what real life with me is really like.

VieavecLeigh will resonate as a hub of all things influential in my life & my journey to success. From pictures to videos, interviews with friends, shows, parties, rants and restaurant reviews; I'm going to share it all. Because, behind this screen is a person just like yourself so why create this an illusion of a version of myself that is somehow richer, trendier, of more value.

I'm Bri & welcome back to VieAvecLeigh.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dirty Laundry


Twas the night before Thanksgiving & my friends & I went out to Hollywood to get drunk. I don't know why I was so eager to go out could have been the fresh mani & pedi or being homesick after spending some days away from the city.

 Last night my look was very Winter in L.A. I guess being from Los Angeles I feel like I can wear shorts in any weather as long as it's coupled with reasonable articles which is why I opted to pair my classic Levi shorts with thigh high boots & a Zara sweater, that I actually thrifted believe it or not. Anyway with the holiday over (Happy Thanksgiving) it's back to the real life & I'm very pumped to finally share my new look here's a hint...i'm going blonde .

Zara knit sweater, Levi shorts (DIY), Steve Madden boots