Saturday, July 9, 2016

Woke up in Mexico

With all the stuff that's been going on in America, i have unfortunately been distracted from my creative process which isn't fair to me or to the people who truly enjoy my blog & honestly i personally think that's the state of mind that those in control want me to be in. Instead of doing what's good for my soul & utilizing my talents of expression with people who enjoy my blog i'm living in a state of shock of fear, sadness & confusion.

My trip to Mexico has opened me to another way of life, that is now a craving in my heart to find. I went with my best friend who took a lot of these if not most of these amazing pictures. I felt more beautiful in mexico. i felt more relaxed, more free, less pressure on beauty. i know a lot of people go to mexico to get fucked up but i mean even down to the children in the street hustling, selling, working not just going "oh well i'm poor", people being instilled to go out & find a way to make a living is so admirable to me. This wasn't my first time in Mexico but i think going with my best friend who is so open minded, beautiful & honestly fun as shit has my heart craving similar experiences internationally.

 life is so amazing. i read this quote by Beyoncè that "maybe you're best friends are your soulmate."

 i am so proud of myself that no matter what i am currently going through mentally/emotionally i have the maturity to center myself & look at the bigger picture of life. in my endeavor to rebrand my blog i will work effortlessly to give everyone a voice, to be a voice of people if i have to & to bring things into perspective. in real life i feel like it's my blessing & my duty to share my life, how i live it & who i share it with, with other people to maybe create a more open & truly diverse world full of love for one another...not even on some corny shit but on some you know human shit...

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