Tuesday, November 17, 2015


i've been up to a lot & yet nothing at all.

a lot can happen in real life that brings you back to reality it sucks when priorities have to change, especially considering i get a lot of great feedback on my blog & it is something i'm really proud of.

i feel free, i feel more like myself, & i've truly been loving life...which means i'll be able to produce quality work that represents the essence of who i am & work hard to be.

removing toxic people from your life, living true to yourself, and learning when it's time to listen to the universe are all pivotal points in growth so i think it's healthy to step away & be sad so you can be able to glo as the universe intends you :)

anyway i'm about to change my hair this upcoming sunday & i'm really excited.

i'm really sorry i didn't blog an entire phase of my life. but after sunday i'll be back where i belong...beautiful on my blog

see ya soon,

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