Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dirty Laundry


Twas the night before Thanksgiving & my friends & I went out to Hollywood to get drunk. I don't know why I was so eager to go out could have been the fresh mani & pedi or being homesick after spending some days away from the city.

 Last night my look was very Winter in L.A. I guess being from Los Angeles I feel like I can wear shorts in any weather as long as it's coupled with reasonable articles which is why I opted to pair my classic Levi shorts with thigh high boots & a Zara sweater, that I actually thrifted believe it or not. Anyway with the holiday over (Happy Thanksgiving) it's back to the real life & I'm very pumped to finally share my new look here's a hint...i'm going blonde .

Zara knit sweater, Levi shorts (DIY), Steve Madden boots