Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Welcome Back. Welcome Back. Welcome Back.

I know...I'm back & I'm better.
Since my hiatus from my blog: I've moved out, changed jobs, been single. in a relationship, & single again, happy, sad, mostly poor, broke my phone twice, began digging deeper into what it means to be Bri & what i found from all of that is that i need to use what i've been given to share with others.

My blog is no longer about my personal style fuck that. My blog is about my real life.
I'm changing, Los Angeles is changing, & my friends teach me so much everyday that i believe are the gems to life.

It was too much pressure to hold up this image of this stylish L.A. party girl, desperately & anally working to compete with women born into more privilege than i am able to maintain on my own right now. The name of my blog is french for "Life with Leigh" & it's time to show you what real life with me is really like.

VieavecLeigh will resonate as a hub of all things influential in my life & my journey to success. From pictures to videos, interviews with friends, shows, parties, rants and restaurant reviews; I'm going to share it all. Because, behind this screen is a person just like yourself so why create this an illusion of a version of myself that is somehow richer, trendier, of more value.

I'm Bri & welcome back to VieAvecLeigh.

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